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  • Establishment

    In the age of Japanese occupation, the land office was under the Branch Office of Puzih, District Court of Tainan. On November 1st, 1946, the land office was permitted to be of its own and was entitled Dongshih Land Office (archives), Tainan County, covering an area of 7 townships, namely Puzih, Lioujiao, Dongshih, Budai, Yijhu, Lucao and Taibao. In November 1947, the land office turned its title to Dongshih Land Office (administration), Tainan County, covering the same area of the aforementioned townships. In November 1950, the land office changed its title into Dongshih Land Office, Chiayi County with the shift of administrative jurisdiction from under Tainan County to Chiayi County. On March 1st, 1956, in line with the name of its location, the land office corrected its title into Puzih Land Office, Chiayi County, covering 6 townships of Puzih, Lioujiao, Dongshih, Budai, Yijhu and Lucao.

    On July 1st, 1982, the new Shueishang Land Office of Chiayi County was established. Meanwhile the land affairs of Lucao Township were transferred to the Shueishang Land Office. Currently, Puzih Land Office keeps 5 townships, including Puzih(city under the county), Lioujiao, Dongshih, Budai, and Yijhu.

Organization Systen

  • Organization Systen

    Director→Secretariat→Land Registration Section / Land Survey Section / Land Value Section / Land Use Section / Personnel Office / Accounting Office / Civil Service Ethics Office

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